Exertech pty ltd (Exertech)  recognises its responsibility to conduct its business in an environmentally responsible manner. Exertech is committed to minimising the impact of its business activities on the environment and to continually improving its practices to ensure they are consistent with the best possible environmental practices.


Objectives of Policy

In adopting this policy, Exertech is striving to achieve the following Objectives:

•  To CONSERVE WATER resources and minimise the volume of waste water.

•  To MINIMISE THE USE OF HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS and to ensure that where hazardous chemicals are used , they are safely handled and stored.

•  To ensure that adequate systems are in place to minimise the impact of chemical spills.

•  To MINIMISE WASTE and to ensure its SAFE DISPOSAL.


•  To implement strategies which identify and avoid detrimental environmental impacts.

•  To engender ENVIRONEMENTAL AWARENESS throughout the company and to ensure that the environment is considered in all stages of the work we do.

•  To continually renew our practices to ensure that at all time, we are operating in a manner which is the best for the environment.

•  To comply with all applicable laws and regulations at every location where we operate and apply our own more stringent standards and policies wherever necessary to protect our employees and the environment.


Strategies in Achieving Policy Objectives

In order to achieve its objectives, Exertech adopts the following Strategies:

•  Active identification of sources of waste products and the amounts of each type of waste with a view to minimising and where possible, avoiding the production of that waste.

•  Implementation of programs for the re-use or recycling of waste products.

•  Regular review of chemical’s and products to ensure that, where possible, less environmentally damaging products are used.

•  Active identification of sources of water wastage and , where appropriate , implementation of procedures to minimise water use.

•  Regular Maintenance of equipment to ensure pollution form the equipment is minimised.

•  Ensuring staff have access to relevant material safety data sheets for cleaning products used by Exertech and are properly educated in safe handling procedures and have the capacity to handle those products.

•  Ensuring staff are aware of the proper means of disposing of hazardous chemicals or products and adhere to those procedures.

•  Developing procedures for use in the event of a spill and ensuring staff are familiar with those procedures.

•  Continually renewing this policy and ensuring that both management and staff are continually assessing what improvements can be made to the strategies and practices of the company.

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